facebook Why people in the UK love Indian food, and a secret ingredient that they just can’t do without!

Why people in the UK love Indian food, and a secret ingredient that they just can’t do without!

When the first Indian restaurant opened to curious palettes in the United Kingdom way back in the year 1810, people never anticipated how well it would take off. Indian cuisine has now come to occupy a predominant place in British culture. But did you know, it was only after the second half of the 19th century that a large number of Indian food outlets and restaurants started functioning across the country. Indian cuisine and some favourite dishes have never looked back, since!

Click to the present-day UK. Chicken curry, or to be more specific, chicken tikka masala is among the top favourites, apart from a long list of Indian dishes. There are elaborate TV shows that solely talk about Indian cooking and food, while you will find Indian restaurants scattered across the length and breadth of the country.



A lot has changed since the first Indian recipe and restaurant stoked appetites on UK shores. Previously, the food served in these restaurants was largely bland and spice usage was very limited. As people started experimenting with many ingredients that added taste and flavour, there was a specific rise in Indian foods being procured wholesale. But it was when this ingredient was introduced that Indian cuisine really took off. We are talking about Indian Basmati rice! 

After all, rice has seldom been regarded as the ‘king’ of any meal in India. It is a dish that is mainly used as an accompaniment to the main course, lentil preparation, or curry. But, when it comes to Basmati rice in the UK, it occupies centre stage! This is the one secret “sauce” that has helped to elevate Indian cuisine to impressive levels!



Basmati rice is, truly, in a class of its own. 

With its characteristic nutty flavour and delicate, fragrant aroma the grains of Basmati rice has a unique, open texture, enabling the rice to absorb other flavours. This makes it the perfect ingredient for enhancing the taste of other dishes. And that is why it is such a wonderful asset to adorn UK kitchens!

Fortunately, for the UK, Basmati rice is now readily available in shops and online supermarkets across the country. 



For both household users and restaurants, bulk buying is a great way to cut grocery expenses. This is because, when you purchase in large quantities you end up paying less, due to the size involved. It also ensures that you will never run out of stock, leaving you in a tizzy. 

Have you ever bought rice in bulk? There are popular online supermarkets, like Surya Foods Online, that offer premium quality rice, especially Basmati rice of reputed brands, at wholesale prices. Surya Foods also has a virtual store with an enormous range of products at, shall we say, simply unbeatable prices. 

So whether you are a hotelier, supplier, or an individual living in the United Kingdom, you can rely on Surya Foods for your wholesale, culinary requirements like top-quality Basmati rice and other food products like oil, canned food, pulses, pasta, beans, etc.  Remember, Basmati rice will continue to be the secret and most important ingredient in cooking menus across the country, so you cannot afford to run out of stock of this magical product, can you ?!

Click here, if you would like to see the wide variety of Basmati rice on offer at Surya Foods.

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