facebook The 5 top tips (and brands) that chefs keep in mind when they choose Basmati rice for their kitchens

The 5 top tips (and brands) that chefs keep in mind when they choose Basmati rice for their kitchens

Rice and curry!

These very words conjure up a warm and deliciously comforting meal, don’t they?


And when it comes to cooking with top-quality rice, Basmati rice takes first place! Chefs prefer using Basmati rice in their kitchens largely because of its quintessential fragrance, texture, and appealing lustre.


What essentially, are the top 5 attributes that chefs of the world keep in mind when they choose the best quality Basmati rice?


We found out.


Let’s take a look.


Here are some qualities that chefs look for when selecting top-notch Basmati rice:



  1. Aroma- The distinctive aroma of this rice will arrest your senses even before you start cooking with it! If the rice does not have any aroma, it is better not to buy it. Chefs look for a fragrant aroma with floral notes.
  1. Shape- Look for long grain. The longer the grain, the better it is. An important sign to look out for is the end of the grain- the end part should be slightly tapered, and not flat around the sides.  Chef’s advice!
  1. Colour- The best basmati is not pure white - it has a slightly golden shade to it. It should definitely not be grey!
  1. Texture- The grains should be dry, firm, and separate.
  1. Elongation- When cooked, the rice should almost double in length. Not too much in breadth, though!


Basmati rice is a great choice for most rice dishes - pilafs, side dishes, and of course desserts like rice puddings and kheer!



We also drilled down on some of the top-quality Basmati rice brands that they use in their culinary adventures.


As chefs are very particular when it comes to choosing their Basmati, they usually go in for top-quality, long-grained, fragrant rice. Some of the brands that they prefer are Laila, Apna, Laxmi, Island Sun, Liberty, apart from a few others. These brands, they say, offer your palate the perfect blend of extra long grain, distinctive aroma, and a classic, fluffier texture that Basmati rice is so well-known for.


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